Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catena H2O Eight Cups Of Water Series Facial Masks

 Catena H2O Series Eight Cups Of Water Facial Masks
1 box = 6 facial masks + 3 free eye masks

Description on the back of the box:
"75% of human body is composed of water. We can view from it that the health depends on water, which means the beauty also relies on water. The normal healthy human body needs - at least eight cups of water everyday. Then how about our facial skin? Eight cups of water Moisturizing face mask gives sweet moisture to dry kin, leaving it sparkling energy! Effectively soothes dry skin, bringing supple and luster look; beautiful. bright and attractive, brings unusual moisture to dry skin, just like drinking eight cups of water."

 Eight Cups Of Water VC Whitening & Moisturizing Face Mask
"Enriched with VC and mulberry root, it plays immediate whitening function, effectively weakens appeared pigment particles. The multi substances contained can be absorbed by skin rapidly so as to supplement moisture. The rich hyaluronic acid gives high water storage. You can pat face lightly to make it adhere skin, leaving it elegant and smooth all day long with natural and healthy luster."

 Eight Cups Of Water Oil Control Moisturizing Face Mask
"The multi ocean plant essences easily penetrate into skin for deep cleaning, balances oil secretion with inflammation eliminating function, effectively prevents acne and comedo from generating, absorbs filth, impurity and aging cutin accumulated on skin, improves oil obsession , leaving our skin delicate, clean, soft and bright."

Eight Cups Of Water Collagen Moisturizing Face Mask
"With natural moisturizing factor and effective function, effectively resists ultra-dry weather. It grasps moisture and keeps it in deep skin so as to eliminate fine lines caused by dryness, thoroughly moisturizes aging skin. It is like a warm spring bath for skin."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Deck Out Women Eye Masks

Deck Out Women Eye Masks

Helps with the dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Love the scent! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lohashill BB Cream Sample Size

Now in sample sizes!
Lohashill Essential Blemish Balm 5ml

"This Blemish Balm is made with natural herb extracts 
which bright effect and help skin protect itself from external 
damage. The ultra-light texture glides on silky smooth for 
flawless natural-looking coverage that leaves your skin radiant."

Click here to find out more about BB Cream and see our Lohashill Essential Blemish Balm 50ml!