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My Scheming Beauty Facial Masks

My Scheming Beauty Facial Masks
RM3.80 per piece
(We recommend that you do not buy these masks below
RM2.50 to avoid buying non-authentic ones)

Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask
This mask is added with natural aloe vera extract which possesses rare Amino acid, proteins & vitamins. It provides skin with abundant moisture, mends skin, promote metabolism, and nourishes skin with sufficient nutrients. Vitamin E is an essential element for anti-oxidant which brightens and whitens skin color, provides you with smooth & radiant skin. 

Arbutin Whitening Mask
Arbutin has good effects on restraining the activity of tyrosinase and slowing down the growth of melanin. Additionally, the mask added vitamin C extracted from various plants, which relieves melanin effectively and symmetrizes skin color. The advanced moisture factor, hyaluronic acid in the mask protects skin from dryness, prevents coarse and aging skin, and maintains skin moisture level.

Astaxanthin Mask
Astaxanthin is a super anti-oxidant, which is extracted from krills, shellfish, salmons, and red alga. It’s anti-oxidation effect is much higher and stronger than β-Carotene, Q10, Progesterone and Vitamin E. It prevents skin from oxidation, looseness and aging. Astaxanthin can penetrate and be absorbed by the bottom of skin quickly and efficiently. It also protects collagen and elastin from deterioration.

Bird's Nest Collagen Mask
The mask is specially formulated with Bird’s Nest and Collagen extract, rich in hydrating properties, to help instantly boost skin’s luminousity and elasticity. Pamper your skin with a sensation of invigorating hydration!

Bulgarian Rose Mask 
Rose extract deeply moistures skin and improves uneven skin tone. Hyaluronan in this mask helps skin to replenish moisture. A protective layer penetrating moisture loss is left on the skin upon. Your skin restores the normal tension for a delicate and smooth look.

Camellia Japonica Hydrating Mask
The natural camellia extract increases the moisturizing and soothing function. And, it also repairs skin. Hyaluronan, saccharide isomerate moisturizing factor, and jojoba oil improve skin and prevent moisture loss. This mask improves hydrating effect and revitalizes your face for smooth and radiance effects.

Caviar Extract Mask
Caviar extract regard as ‘Ocean diamond’ is an excellent anti-oxidant, which contains rich phospholipid, phosphoprotein, human-needed DNA, vitamins and amino acid, enable to activate and renew skin, it gives your skin with moisture and firming by repairing damaged skin and reviving skin function. The mask additionally adds fagus sylvatica extract and Vitamin E, which improve normal function of skin and it’s activity. Your skin can be mild and tender as infant.

Deep Cleansing Mask
This mask comprises Gentianae Radix extract, mulberry extract, liquorice extract, acerola extract, and protease which accelerates metabolism, renews aged cuticles and enhances nutrient absorption. It repairs all aspects of skin problems and gives your skin brightness and radiance. Deep Cleanse to unclog pores.

Deep Ocean Water Mask
The deep sea water is extracted from the deep ocean water which is under 800-feet sea level with negative pressure. The deep ocean water involves 60 minerals and microelements, which sized are similar to the water in our body. Therefore, it is easy to be absorbed by our skin and promote metabolism. The nutrients of the mask penetrate into and be sunk by skin. It has good effects on maintaining long-term skin moisture, activating skin, and give you a pure and jade-like skin with brightness and lightness.

Ginseng Extract Mask
Ginseng extract in the mask promotes nutrient absorption of skin. Microelements in the ginseng smoothen skin. In addition, high amount of hyaluronic acid enchances the mask with greater moisture and lubrication. It can elevate smoothness and mildness of skin, and prevents skin from dryness and wrinkles. Your skin will shine, sheeny, whiteness from the inner to the outer.

Grape Seed Extract Mask
Oligomeric Proanthocyanidinsm the main ingredient of grape seed extract possesses good effects on preventing and smoothening wrinkles, and restraining aging. Grape seed extract is a good anti-oxidant and stabilizes collagen. Natural plant extracts are added in the mask to enhance and supplement skin moisture which may be lost in the day.

Green Tea & Barley Mask
Green tea contains abundant chlorophyllin, catechin, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and beta-carotene. Green tea polyphenols is a good anti-oxidant. Barley can remove melanin, brighten dim skin, promote skin metabolism, and smoothen coarse skin.

Herbal Anti-Acne Mask
The mask contains orris and green tea extracts, which can balance oil secretion and relieve youth oily skin problems. Allantoin, Hamamelis, and Chamomile extracts in the mask can relieve skin problems, reduce inflammation and pores, moisturize skin, improve skin quality, and prevent an allergic reaction.

Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask
Premium hyaluronan mask with the best moisturizing effect gives you a smooth, gentle and moisture skin. With many types of plant essence, this mask supplements nutrition to the skin to improve the conditions such as roughness, dryness and cracks.

L-Ascorbic Acid Whitening Mask
Get rid of skin dullness and give you a fair, bright, smooth and delicate skin! With the biochemical whitening restoration function, this mask neutralizes and controls skin dullness. It also increases skin defending function. Feel the moisture and fair skin with this mask!

Provence Lavender Soothing Mask
Lavender extract balances sebum secretion. The fragrance calms and relaxes your mind. This mask is specially formulated for sensitive skin to sooth the tight and tingly feelings on face. With chamomile extract and hyaluronan added, this mask improves skin elasticity and give you a smooth and radiant skin.

Marigold Extract Mask
Marigold Extract Mask contains high amount of carotene which maintains moisture, cleans and relaxs skin, balances skin PH value, mends damaged skin. It can easily be absorbed by our skin and restrain oil secretion. Acerola(or West India Cherry) and mulberry extracts which were added in the mask comprises abundant Vitamin A, B1 and C, which penetrate thoroughly the bottom of skin and turn your face to bright and white skin.

Milk Extract Brightening Mask
Milk possesses abundant butter fat, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and minerals. It can enhance skins moisture, tend to absorb by skinm pervent skin from dryness, and smoothen wrinkles and lines. The mask is to refine skin, enhance sheen, revive elasticity. It will give your skin softness, lightness, mildness and fineness.
Mint Collagen Mask
Mint oil extracted from mint with a cool scent is a good material to refresh our brain. The masks's advanced moisture factor prevents skin from dryness, coarseness and aging. It improves and renews skin cells. Collagen improves skin elasticity and moisture, and provide you a healthy and sheeny skin.

Pearl Extract Mask
The mask is for dry and limp skin to enhance skin vitality, moisture and elasticity. Pearl protein can be absorbed efficiently by our skin and has superior effect on reserving moisture in your skin. Pearl protein can help reserve the nutrients and moisture in the mask, and give you a smooth and silky skin.

Pentadecpeptide + Amino Mask
The Pentadecpeptide+amino mask is a highly effective mask which main ingredient is argireline, additionally, peptide and matrixyl is added. The tiny element of argireline is easy to be absorbed by skin, which smoothens and reduces wrinkles, and restrains aging. It possesses multi-effects which renews your face with lighting and sheeny skin, removes wrinkles and enhance firming, moisturizes and protects skin. You will find your face become young, mind, bright, and white after long-term usage.

Puli Ginjo Sake Kasu Mask
Sake kasu is a natural anti-oxidant. It can smoothen skin wrinkles and revive skin cells. Sake kasu has a good effect on restraining the activity of tyrosinase and promoting skin metabolism, which provides a firming and fine skin. Hyaluronic acid has good effects on moisture, anti-free radical, and anti-aging.

Q10 Collagen Firming Mask
Collagen doubly enhances skin elasticity. Q10 firms your skin with more elasticity. With seaweed essence, the high level of moisturizing effect gives you smooth and bright skin. This mask rejuvenates your skin for a healthy and beautiful look!

Red Wine Polyphenols Mask
High antioxidant content restores the lightness and brightness of skin.Calcium, Magnesium,potassium, and iron in red wine give you a rosy complexion! Vitamin E-the natural antioxidant helps in preventing aging and cell damage problems. And,it stabilizes blood circulation for healthy and rosy complexion.

Sakura Lighting Mask
Lighting mask with vitamin C in West Indian Cherry penetrates and purifies pores for brisk and white skin. Hyaluronan and other plant extracts are available in this mask too. The unique effect of Marigold is great in repairing and soothing skin. The gentle and balance sebum secretion gives you a healthy complexion.

Silk Protein Mask
Silk Protein can promote the generation of collagen, activate skin cells, improve collagen absorption. It gives you a silky and bright skin with elasticity and smoothnes. This masks plenty Amino acid has good effects on resisting free radical and UV, protects your skin from exterior hurt. Its advanced moisture factor prevents skin from dryness, coarseness and aging.

Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask
The mask is for oily skin. It can help restrain oil secretion and provide you a fresh, mild, and soft skin. The mask can help remove dirt in the pores and aged cuticles, and enhance metabolism. Brightness and Limpidness will return on your face.

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